Town Club Dress Code

A dress code upholds a welcoming environment for adults and families alike and sets the standards of a first-class establishment. Distinguished by the strength of our traditions, this holds as true today as it did when Jonathan Club was founded, and why a dress code is still enforced. If ever in doubt what to wear at the Club it is recommended to always err on the side of more conservative attire.

A detailed dress code brochure is available at various areas throughout the Club or by clicking here.


How is the dress code enforced?

Management has full discretion by the Board of Directors to determine and enforce what constitutes appropriate attire.

Are there any exceptions?

Only when authorized by the Board of Directors and management, and noted on the announcement of the event.

Who does the dress code apply to?

It applies to all persons, members and guests, 10 and older. It is the responsibility of the members to inform their guests, prior to their visit, of the dress code and other house rules.

Throughout the Club
With the exception of a few areas of the Town Club, the minimum attire required at all times is Business Casual.

What is Business Casual?


  • Collared shirt tucked in (includes polo shirts)
  • Turtleneck and mock turtleneck (if worn with a collared dress sport jacket)
  • Slacks or khakis
  • Closed-toe leather dress shoes or deck shoes


  • Dress, blouse, sweater or top, skirt, pantsuit or slacks
  • Dress shoes (including open- or closed-toe, mules, loafer and dressy sandals)
Third Floor

Main Dining Room, Florentine Lounge and Reagan Room

The more formal area of the Town Club, and as such requires Traditional Attire at all times.

What is Traditional Attire?


  • Business suit
  • Collared shirt and dress  sport jacket, and necktie
  • Closed-toe leather dress shoes
  • Equivalent military or  public agency uniform


  • Dress, business suit, blouse, tailored slacks or pantsuit
  • Dress shoes (including open or closed-toe shoes, mules, loafer and dressy sandals)
  • Equivalent military or public agency uniform
Second Floor - The Grill

The Grill

Our central dining area on the second floor allows for Business Casual, however in the evenings, after 5:30 p.m., men are required to wear a collared dress jacket along with a collared shirt (necktie is optional).

Library and Tap Room

Attire is Business Casual.

Fifth Floor

It's where you'll find Athletics & Wellness, and where Athletic Attire is required during use of the facilities. When working out or playing a sport, clothing designed for such activity should be worn (street attire is not permitted). While sporty attire is not permitted in any others areas of the Club, it is acceptable when accessing the building through the garage area and Fremont elevator.

What's Not Allowed

Throughout the public areas of the Town Club there is certain attire that is considered inappropriate and should not be worn.

What is Inappropriate Attire?

  • Denim, jeans, shorts or cargo pants
  • T-shirts, tank tops, men's sleeveless shirts
  • Sweats (including warm-ups and jogging suits in all fabrics), leggings
  • Frayed, bleached, soiled or torn clothing
  • Clothing that exposes undergarments and bare midriffs, is excessively revealing or which might be considered offensive
  • Visors, formal and casual hats (except for women's dress hats, which are allowed)
  • Men's sandals, clogs or open-toe shoes
  • Rubber flip-flops, athletic shoes (including running or tennis shoes and sneakers)
Adjacent Spaces

Our Town Club has convenient service areas for an enhanced member and guest experience. While still on Club premises, the dress code does not apply to these areas.

What are the adjacent spaces?

  • Barber Shop
  • Bellevue Terrace
  • Valet Parking